About us


Before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Andre Rübner left the former East Germany and settled in the western town of Heilbronn. It was there that he launched his career, first installing German manufactured kitchen cabinets for high-end furniture companies. He also began to hone his design skills to build fully customized kitchens, allowing him to better service his customers.

Andre moved to the United States in 1998 and shortly thereafter opened his own kitchen showroom in Virginia. Over the next several years he developed a great rapport amongst his clients, many of whom encouraged him to open up a restaurant serving German cuisine. A few years later in 2013, Andre sold his showroom and restaurant, packed his bags, and moved to New York City. There he continued his career working as a project manager in kitchen design consultation.

In New York, Andre began to specialize in saving clients from ‘kitchen nightmares’, helping them to restore projects gone wrong. One of these clients, Neoly Lika Williams, ended up becoming his wife and eventual business partner. With a background in international business, fashion, and industrial design, Lika proposed a partnership to open up their own kitchen showroom together. After careful deliberation, they decided to settle in the Palm Beach area.

Global Kitchen Design LLC, a 4,800 square foot studio devoted to professional kitchen planning, opened it’s doors December 4th, 2017. Committed to the highest standards and customer service, they offer the newest in contemporary European design with LEICHT cabinetry and Miele appliances. Clients are given a hands on experience and are exhibited Global Kitchen’s ergonomic and functionality in design. They feature only the highest quality and eco-friendly products made in Germany and they are displayed for all customers to choose from in order to make their culinary wishes come true.


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